How to find an Image

The Image Library has a maximum of 3 layers for quick navigation:

1. Catalogue pages
From the front page, you can go to different catalogue pages, such as "Illustrating the Bible", "Temple Mount", "Jerusalem", etc. Some of these catalogue pages have several subcategories. For example, by clicking on "Illustrating the Bible", you see "Books of Moses", "Joshua, Judges" or "Time of the Kings", etc.

2. Image pages
The category pages contain a maximum of 16 images each. These pictures are, of course, rather small.

3. Individual image page
By clicking on an individual image or on the text above it, you are taken to the individual image page. There you can read a descriptive note and see the same small image. Clicking on this image makes it expand to 400 pixels, which is large enough to allow all the details to be seen. This larger image is watermarked to protect our copyright. Purchased images will, of course, have no watermark.

The size of the downloadable images is about 2Mb. Resolution is 72dpi and width or height is 1024 pixels. This is the ideal size for powerpoint presentations and computer screens.

Download instructions can be read in: "How to download an image".